UKYA Extravaganza

Saturday 28th February, 2pm, Waterstones Birmingham was the place to be for fans of UKYA, good company, and cake. I wrote out my name badge and then got to work putting biscuits on the snack table and bookmarks on the swag table, and then I got chance to watch some of the authors reading at the front.


During the breaks, the schedule was slightly altered due to timings, and the panels changed from readings to more of an introduction to the authors/books and Q&As. So I gave my Dark Days copy to the absolutely lovely Ben (Benjaminoftomes – subscribe if you haven’t already, he’s awesome!), who I finally had the pleasure of meeting.


I really enjoyed speaking, but I think my favourite part of the day was talking to groups and individuals around the room. It was great to meet so many people I’ve spoken to lots (and people I’d love to speak to more!).

Big thanks to anyone who bought/brought along a copy of Dark Days — very cool! And the people who had notebooks for signing and messages – what an amazing idea! I wish I’d thought of that then I’d have had you all writing in mine too!


I also took some books along with me to get signed, so thanks to Keris Stainton, Robin Stevens, Natasha Ngan, Kat Ellis, Kendra Leighton, and Rose Mannering for scribbling your names inside your beautiful books!

Thanks so much to Waterstones Birmingham for hosting such an amazing event. And to Emma Pass and Kerry Drewery for organising it!