Books Read June 2016



Huntley Fitzpatrick

Tim is turning a corner. He moves into the Garrett’s garage apartment for a new start, joins an AA group, and starts to spend more time with Alice. When things seem to be going right for him, someone from his past resurfaces with life-changing news… 

I wasn’t a big fan of Tim in My Life Next Door, but he managed to change my mind toward the end of the book, so I was really looking forward to reading this. It starts where the previous book left off, so it’s a great continuation of the story even though it shifts its focus to Tim and Alice. It was especially good to get to know Alice more. Great writing style and lots of humour. My favourite thing about the book was the Garrett family – I love them.


Nicola Doherty

Juno worries about everything and is constantly prepared for the worst. When her mum and step-father take a family trip to a skiing resort, all Juno can think about is what could go wrong. She’d rather be anywhere but with her stepdad and his twin sons, who she can’t yet think of as family. With her A Levels coming up, Juno is encouraged to enjoy a break because she studies so hard, but she smuggles revision along anyway, fully expecting she’ll need it to fill her time because there’s no way she’s going on the slopes. Then she meets ski instructor, Boy, who challenges her theories and presents some of his own. Juno starts to see the world from a different angle, and this trip could just change everything…

I raced through this one, reading it over just two days (v fast for me!) and I enjoyed every minute. I related to Juno and some of her cautious ways — she made me laugh, and think, and it was fun to see her stepping out of her comfort zone and finding good things by doing so. It was a quick, sweet story — just what I was in the mood for — and I really liked the writing style. A great one for fans of Holly Smale and Keris Stainton.

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