Books Read July 2016



Sarah Baker

Angela lives in a children’s home and is moved around often. She makes up stories, makes her own clothing, and tends not to get along with the other children. Then the news comes that her aunt, uncle, and two cousins are coming to collect her and taking her on holiday with them to France, which comes with the chance of a permanent family if she can behave. But something seems off because the family didn’t seem interested in her before . . . 

This is an atmospheric and elegant story set in an old French countryside manor. With a hint of paranormal, the history of the house is weaved into Angela’s story. The then and now collide as Angela tries to save a boy from the past and save her own future at the same time. I adored the setting and became really attached to Angela and her journey. Heartwarming and thoughtful – there’s a lot to love here. I’d recommend this to fans of Kendra Leighton’s Glimpse.


Amy Christine Parker

A thrill-seeker meets a bank robber in this exciting, action-packed story. Lexi lands on Christian’s getaway van when her group illegally parachute off a rooftop in LA. Christian bumps into Lexi after a close-call bank robbery, knocking her to the ground. Lexi’s group seek an adrenaline rush whereas Christian’s group are caught up in dangerous business — can they join together and make it work when so much is on the line for both sides? The price is high if things go wrong… 

Told in switching POV between Lexi and Christian, the pages burst with scandal, danger, and romance. There’s so much energy in the writing, making this a fast, fun read with high stakes and great humour. A big story that’s really well done — I loved it!


Virginia Boecker

Witch Hunter was one of my top reads of last year and I was really looking forward to being back in this medieval fantasy world with King Slayer. Elizabeth is still caught up in magic and politics, an ex-witch hunter finding a place among witches, as the new king hunts her down and anyone who gets in his way. But is it really Elizabeth he needs?

All the familiar characters are back alongside Elizabeth in this action-packed follow up–Fifer and Schuyler are my favourites — with some new faces too. The story moves just as quickly as the first, building to an exciting conclusion to the series. I love this world. I’d recommend the books to fans of Cassandra Clare and Melinda Salisbury.


Kiersten White

And I Darken follows the brutal lives of siblings, abandoned by their father in a dangerous empire they must quickly learn to understand and find their place within. Their upbringing was cruel, both starved of affection, so when fierce Lada and vulnerable Radu meet Mehmed they are finally in luck, perhaps even safe for a time, but danger is always just around the corner. . . . A search for home and a fight for choice, friendship and romance, all seamlessly woven into this historical high fantasy. With royalty, assassins, betrayal, and power, this is a great pick for fans of A Game of Thrones and Uprooted.


Sue Wallman

This was a great little thriller that took me by surprise. Not only was the mystery done well, but it was a touching story too. Even though Skye is dealing with fear and confusion over whoever is messaging her pretending to be her dead sister, she’s also working through grief and regret, and it all weaves together into a really gripping debut novel full of secrets, lies, and a subtle horror-movie vibe!

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