Interview with SM Wilson, Author of THE EXTINCTION TRIALS

I’ve got the fun job of starting off the Extinction Trials tour! I’m delighted to introduce the first in SM Wilson’s new series with a Hunger Games meets Jurassic Park feel. It’s an action-packed, breathless adventure story about the fight for survival in a dystopian world where humans exist alongside dinosaurs. It’s so good!! So here goes . . . Welcome to the Extinction Trials!


Kate Ormand: Hi Susan! Can you tell us a little about what we can expect from A The Extinction Trials?
SM Wilson: You can expect a feisty, deep but lonely heroine, a hero who would do anything for his family, and a different kind of Earth with only two continents, one with humans and one with dinosaurs.

KO: What did you enjoy most about creating this world?
SMW: It has to be the dinosaur continent. I ignored all the encyclopaedias which dictated time periods and when dinosaurs existed and just threw all my favourites together!

KO: I love the cover! Can you give us a breakdown of how its striking design fits your story so well?
SMW: I love the cover so much too. We went through a number of covers until we found the perfect fit. It’s the elements of intrigue with a hint of creepy that I love so much. Where do you hide from the most dangerous predators on the planet?

KO: When researching, what did you particularly enjoy looking into?
SMW: I have shelves of dinosaur encyclopaedias. I also have some real in depth books about the T-rex. There’s something so nice about flicking through a dinosaur book and thinking ‘let’s pick a dinosaur to kill someone…..’

KO: And to wrap up can we end with a quote from the book?
SMW: The creature rose from nowhere, a dark-green flash, jaws wide apart, snarling, fast as lightning. All she could see were the inky fixed eyes and the scaly reptilian skin. There was no time to react – no time to do anything. The scream was lost in her throat as the boat upended, tossing Lincoln, Rune and Leif into the shallow waters.

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