Books Read in February 2018



Elsie Chapman

Set in the 80s, Marsden lives in a small town with its own history. She skims the bodies she finds along the Indigo River to save up the cash she needs to get her and her sister out of Glory. When she meets Jude, a boy from school, their lives entwine and secrets surface. I really like books with a small town setting and I loved the atmosphere the author created here. The gorgeous writing accompanies a moving story, where Marsden and Jude are finding themselves as much as each other in a town where their path appears already carved out. A unique story that’s different to the author’s previous books but just as captivating.

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Emily X R Pan

After her mother’s death, Leigh goes in search of her maternal grandparents to remember her mother and fulfil her final wish. She gathers family history through her time in Taiwan, dreams and memories, and visits from a red bird. Between the beautiful writing and short chapters, this was one I could pick up at any time and fall easily back into. I loved the references to colour throughout and the magical elements weaved into Leigh’s journey. A gorgeous book.

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This is Not a Test – Courtney Summers

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