Books Read March – July 2018

I always set my Goodreads goal to 50 books and this year I’m way behind. Here’s what I’ve read over the past few months and I’m hoping to pick up my reading a bit so I can go back to more regular reading updates…

Review books:

All These Beautiful Strangers by Elizabeth Klehfoth – A gripping thriller where secrets of the past and present stir in the shadows. I was drawn in from the start and couldn’t wait to discover the truth. Charlie is selected to join an exclusive club at school and dives into the challenges set for her. Ghost stories, school traditions, and family secrets lead Charlie to uncover a mystery involving her mother’s disappearance. Told in before and after chapters, with high risk and buried truths, this is a compelling story and a real page-turner!

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The Extinction Trials: Exile by SM Wilson (Extinction Trials #2) – I absolutely loved the first book in this series and this one was just as action-packed and exciting.

Set in a future where space is scarce and provisions are low, the government of Earthasia want to be able to use the untouched land of Piloria. The only problem is, dinosaurs inhabit Piloria. After the trials in the first book, the surviros receive instructions to return to the island in an attempt to rid it of the more dangerous dinosaurs. But each member of the group have their own reason for risking their lives in returning there, and they’ll do whatever it takes to get what they need from the trip.

An amazing sequel! If you can’t get enough of dinosaurs with the recent release of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, consider picking this series up!

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Arrowheart by Rebecca Sky  – This was such a fun read! Rachel is a Hedoness – descended from Greek God Eros with the ability to take the will of boys. Rachel doesn’t want to force someone to love her. She knows exactly what she wants to do with her life and being a Hedoness isn’t it. When a police officer witnesses Rachel’s friend using her power, the story takes a sharp turn and the girls find themselves on the run – and not just from the police. This was an exciting, original read with great humour. A fab addition to my YA mythology shelf. Would recommend to fans of Jennifer L Armentrout’s Covenant series.

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Save the Date by Morgan Matson  – A big family juggling selling their home, a TV interview, and a wedding – what could go wrong?

Charlie is delighted to welcome her family back home for her older sister’s wedding. She’s so focused on making it perfect in her own way, that when things start going wrong she is first to jump in and fix it. From mix-ups and small mistakes to full-blown disasters, will the weekend turn out as planned? I absolutely loved this – especially the big family, chaos, romance, sharp dialogue and fun characters. Perfect for fans of comedy/romance movies like The Proposal and Meet the Parents.

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Also read recently:

The Witch’s Kiss by Katherine and Elizabeth Corr

Restore Me by Tahereh Mafi

Love, Life and the List by Kasie West

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