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The Secret Deep by Lindsay Galvin – Aster wakes up on a tropical island alone. Her sister and aunt are both missing and she has no idea what happened. While Aster searches for answers, Sam – a boy the sisters met on a plane – searches for them. The story is told in switching POV between Aster and Sam, building up the mystery surrounding the island.

I read this really quickly. It was dark and strange – and something very different, which I loved. Weaving together science and magic, the underwater setting became both unsettling and inviting. The sea terrifies me, but I find it amazing at the same time. The descriptions were spectacular and the sense of unease and wonder battled throughout. For a thriller like this, the setting was perfect – a remote, beautiful place with a real sense of danger even when no one was around. A place where things are seen and questioned as real or a trick of the mind. A breath-taking story, written in an effortless, compelling, page-turning style.

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Spark by Alice Broadway (Ink #2) – Following the events of the first book, Leora is sent as a spy to infiltrate Featherstone and gather information for the mayor. But Featherstone may be the very place she’ll find answers to her past. War is brewing, and Leora needs to pick a side. With high stakes and danger, twists and surprises, this was a great follow up to Ink, setting readers up for what promises to be an action-packed final book. I enjoy the vibe of this series, especially the dark fairy tale elements woven into the story, and will eagerly await the third instalment.

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Letting Go of Gravity by Meg Leder – Parker’s future was decided years before she graduated high school and she looks out for everyone but herself. She’s worried to make choices that would disappoint anyone. Her twin brother Charlie had leukaemia twice and is now in remission. He wants the freedom to make his own choices. Over the years, the twins’ differences has driven them apart. What would it take to bring them back together?

I enjoyed Meg Leder’s debut – The Museum of Heartbreak – so I was really looking forward to reading this! Like the author’s previous book, it was easy to fall into the story alongside lifelike characters you can’t help but root for. A summer of secrets, tough decisions, making new friends, and reconnecting with old ones. A well-crafted, compelling read.

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Bird Box by Josh Malerman

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets by JK Rowling (re-read)

The Fire Sermon by Francesca Haig

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