Interview with Lindsay Galvin, Author of THE SECRET DEEP

I’m so happy to welcome Lindsay Galvin, author of The Secret Deep, which is out now with Chicken House! I read this breath-taking thriller really quickly — it was spectacular!

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Kate Ormand: Hi Lindsay! Lovely to have you here! Can you tell us a little about The Secret Deep?
Lindsay Galvin: Hi Kate, it’s fantastic to be here – thank you so much for having me. The Secret Deep is a mystery adventure with a hint of sci-fi for teen readers and everyone else. It’s about when fourteen-year-old Aster is washed up on a desert island and her search for her sister leads her to discover an underwater secret. It’s a thriller that explores grief, anxiety and scientific consent and the mysterious magic of the still unexplored places on our planet. Sounds like a lot to cram in, but there’s plenty of space in the deeps.

KO: The island and underwater scenes were particularly wonderful. I loved the atmosphere you created. What did you enjoy most about building this setting?
LG: I guess it was revisiting treasured memories. I lived in Thailand for two years and spent a lot of time scuba diving and those experiences stayed with me vividly, so certain underwater scenes from the book come directly from my experience. I dived with sharks, on wrecks, in caves and at night. I was also in couple of scary situations and when I was exploring how Aster feels about the death of her mum I began to equate it with the terror you can feel underwater, in a world where if the slightest thing goes wrong, it suddenly seems impossible to survive.

KO: Can you tell us how the gorgeous book cover ties in with the story?
LG: Thank you for this question because I am so delighted with the cover. It was designed by Helen Crawford-White and I was thrilled right from her initial sketches. When I saw the manta rays I had goose bumps because they are one of my favourite visual elements and I’ve grown to see them as a bridge between humans and the wildness of the ocean in the story. The circular design almost feels like a vortex dragging you in, and that’s how the story progresses too.

KO: When researching, what did you particularly enjoy looking into?
LG: I watched all of Blue Planet and then Blue Planet II on repeat which was a complete joy as I am a huge David Attenborough fan. I also became fascinated with the evolution of humans particularly the Aquatic Ape Theory which explores the idea that our prehistoric human ancestors could have spent some time underwater. So much from pre-history is still unknown and unproven, I love the possibilities. The idea of Neanderthal mermaids became a bit of an obsession.

KO: And to wrap up, can we end with a quote from The Secret Deep?
LG: Of course. This comes from near the end of the book, just before the climax of the story.

‘There must be a fissure in the sea rock because there’s no sign of the bottom. The water around us is dark navy, and it sucks at my body as if it wants to drink me down it’s cold throat and swallow me.’

Page 234 The Secret Deep

Thank you so much for having me, Kate.

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THE SECRET DEEP is out now in paperback (£6.99, Chicken House)

Connect with Lindsay on Twitter: @lindsaygalvin

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