Interview with Katya de Becerra, Author of WHAT THE WOODS KEEP

I’m delighted to welcome Katya de Becerra here today to talk about her debut novel, What the Woods Keep! The book is out September 18 with Macmillan and I think this is going to be the perfect addition to my Halloween TBR! I can’t WAIT to get my copy!

Katya de Becerra

Kate Ormand: Hi Katya! Great to have you here! Can you tell us a little about What the Woods Keep?
Katya de Becerra: Hi Kate! Thanks so much for having me!

What The Woods Keep is my debut genre-mixing YA novel that combines elements of fantasy, mythology and science fiction, with a very dark mystery at its heart. If I had to give a brief summary of its plot, I’d say it’s a book about one strange girl’s quest to learn the truth about  her mom’s disappearance. What else… The book is set in the woods of Colorado, and I’ve heard some people were scared to read it at night. (Sorry, but not really sorry!)

KO: The book sounds wonderfully atmospheric – I can’t wait to read! What did you enjoy most about creating the setting?
KdB: Thank you! I tend to love dark, atmospheric books in which it rains a lot (this seems like an appropriate place to mention that I absolutely adored The Wanderers – that book of yours that’s dark, atmospheric and full of cold rain – yes, please!), so in my debut, I really enjoyed writing the forest as a possibly sentient character in its own right. As Hayden, the book’s protagonist, wanders deeper and deeper into the forest (and into trouble), the forest tightens its grip around her, it watches and listens, and it thinks.

What the Woods Keep

KO: Your cover is stunning! First impressions on seeing it?
KdB: Yes, it sure is, thanks for noticing! I nearly fell off my chair when I first saw it. I mean, what kind of sorcery is this? Black feathers, dark fog, red glow and runic symbols hidden in plain sight – can’t go wrong with that, really. I’m one very happy author.

KO: What’s next for you?
KdB: I’m about to embark on the first round of revisions for my second book, Oasis, a standalone horror adventure with diverse teen cast set in Dubai and in my hometown of Melbourne. Oasis is very different from What The Woods Keep in both its premise and style, but it’s also got lots of delicious darkness I clearly can’t get enough of!

KO: And to wrap up, can we end with a quote from What the Woods Keep?
KdB: “Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong—so-called Murphy’s law.”

(I think this quote really exemplifies the plot of What The Woods Keep)

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