Character Profiles

Meet the characters from shape-shifter circus series, The Wanderers and The Pack!
Artwork by Grace Sandford

Circus Shifters

Flo – horse


Flo feels pressured by the circus and doesn’t want to be a performer, even though she knows she must. She wants to believe life is about more than just the circus. She is the only horse in camp. The circus shifters tend to stick with their own species, so Flo is closest to Jett, who is also one of a kind.

Jett – bear


Jett has a history with hunters and is one of the few circus shifters who remembers the night he became an orphan. He is the only bear in camp and, though he doesn’t enjoy performing, he feels they are safe.

Lucas, Lance and Logan – elephants (triplets)


The triplets are mischievous. Growing up, they loved playing pranks on the other circus members (especially Flo, who is responsible for ruining past jokes). They’re identical in both human and animal form. Beneath the fun, they’re fiercely loyal to each other and to those closest to them.

Wild Shifters

Lola and Kanna – parrots (sisters)


Lola is two years older than Kanna, though the two of them look like twins. Lola is a leader and a protector of her pack and her sister. Kanna is a fierce sidekick and often doesn’t make a great first impression. They’re the only shifters who can communicate well vocally in their animal forms.

Jax and Hugo – white tigers (cousins)


The cousins had a hard time with their previous pack, and Jax has a scar on his jaw to prove it. Both are gentle and caring despite their life in the wild and have startling blue eyes in both human and animal form.